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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Design my Own Fabric!

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Fabric for the People, by the People

A crafty website that puts the design power in your hands

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If you’ve ever envisioned a textile pattern in your head, but couldn’t find it anywhere,, which allows you to upload your own design and have it printed on fabric, might just be the ticket.

Spoonflower has grabbed the attention of designers and fabric enthusiasts around the globe because of its ease of use, flexible ordering policy (you can order as little as a quarter of a yard), and community of 70,000 users. Everyone who uploads a design can choose to make it public—and earn a 10 percent commission anytime someone buys it. Users can browse the vast Spoonflower marketplace, searching in categories like vintage, abstract, or whimsical, and view thousands of prints. Weekly design contests, with themes like time travel and surrealist fruit, ensure a steady stream of fresh (and sometimes wacky) designs.

Spoonflower uses large-format inkjet printers—and eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks—to print designs on natural fiber textiles. Fabrics include weight cottons, cotton sateen, twill, knit, voile, and canvas, as well as silk crepe de chine. Prices range from $18/yard to $38/yard, but users get a 10 percent discount off their own designs. And you can order any swatch for just $5.

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Look what I found on Elle Decor's web page. When you need the right color, just the right print, or just for fun. Think of using your child's drawings for their room, or creating a quilt with their art work. You can order just 1/2 a yard. I love pattern and think I will try my hand at fabric design. Just what I need another hobby.

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