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Friday, January 14, 2011

An Organized, Pretty, Workplace

This weekend I will end some of the chaos,and confusion in my workplace, by using a little Feng Shui. A small start but who knows? Click to enlarge the article.

Fresh flowers on my desk is an easy start, and pencils in a silver cup.

Look at how all the fabric samples are stored, and the great work table.
Bookcases for all my reference material, and a lovely place to greet clients.

I have a great space for my studio, about 30' X 30', two walk in closets, a full bath, galley kitchen, view of the river, and it looks like ____. It has become the drop off place for whatever we don't want in the house. Right now it is sporting a full everlast gym, (Michael is home) an elliptical, ( that's mine) furniture from an old rental we had, an enamel top table, (not sure why it's here) and a million fabrics and vendor catalogs. Get the picture! I rearrange , clean fix, but I need a major redo. O.K. it is a working studio and I do paint here, so needing the easel and 7000 paint cans is necessary, but I see customers here and it still is a design studio. I need to get to work. My inspiration - Bunny Williams Studio in Lonny Magazine, I can only dream.

So, I may not have Bunny's well decorated studio this weekend but I can incorporate a little Feng Shui on my desk to have a happy place to work. It's a beginning.

1 comment:

  1. STUDIO MAKEOVER 2011!!!!! I love love love love love the 3rd photo with fabric storage and the large work table. Lets make this happen :)


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