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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Grass is not Always Greener

It was a crazy week, up at 6A.M. run, run, run , all day on appointments. Home fix dinner-studio till 10 P.M. to get ready for tomorrows clients. Thinking,"am I crazy"?????? Should I just be painting all day , then I could stay here. Or maybe promote my Design Online more, just work from home. Thursday came and I was up early to finish preparing for several meetings, run out the door, late, oh no, can I make it . Well I did make it, and I was prepared , and they all loved everything..... Driving home I was on such a high, feeling soooooo good I had made it this week. Then I realized that I love my clients they are the ones who put me in such a good mood. I may be working for them but they are teaching me . From Sandy I learned always be gracious and make people feel welcome, and include your husband in decorating decisions even if he doesn't care. Elaine has her own style and she is sticking to it. When I told Carla her fabric would not be in till March she said I can wait-patients. She also stopped and picked up a brush for me when I forgot mine- kindness. Debbie makes everyone feel important, she is a little crazy but I like that. Cathy is just nice and I could talk to her all day. Franny, who took the time in her busy schedule to make a wonderful lunch. Where would I be if I did not have such good friends to meet with. Next time I am feeling sorry for myself I will remember how fortunate I am to be included in the lives of such wonderful people.

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