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Friday, January 21, 2011

No Snow, but my HGTV dream House is Here

This is where I will be next year. Drop by any time. My Mountain Lodge in Vermont.

The views are amazing.

We will light a fire and have cocktails. Go ahead put your feet up and feel at home.
It will begin to snow, good for the slopes tomorrow.
I will make a homemade pasta supper with lots of wine.
You can sit with me while I'm cooking.
This will be your room, cozy .
This is B.C.'s and my room.
If you can't find me, I could be soaking.
We also have the dorm room, for kids and lots of friends. I can see my Monhegan buddies all brushing their teeth together.

When we are wet and full of snow we can hang out here.
Two washer/dryers so we can get you dry and warm and back on the slopes.

I am very disappointed that despite the predictions we only got rain. I am in need of about 20 inches, a stack of new magazines, and a glass of wine. But I am not sad because next year I will be in my HG TV Dream House in Stowe Vermont. Now I realize why I did not win last year. This one is better. So don't bother entering the sweepstakes, this baby is mine.

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