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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bus Man's Holiday

I know I have been M.I.A. this last week, but I truly had a work, personal,everything, overload, cotton brain situation. Every two seconds I would lose something, then by the time I found it my brain was off to something else. I was spinning, whirling,rotating, reeling, and not getting much done. I needed to get off this ride and settle down..... Besides knowing I have A_ _ I try and take on too much, when this happens it is hard to focus. I want to get everything done but accomplishing nothing. Sooooooo I did what everyone should try, I put myself on "vacation" this week. Not a true go somewhere one, but a get caught up kind. My answering machine states I am on vacation until after the 6th. It's a good week for this as most customers are getting kids back to school, or catching the last bit of summer fun. I am not deserting anyone, they have my cell phone if emergency arrives. Today I will spend in my studio finishing up customer plans, bids and correspondence and a commission painting. Tomorrow I will work on my new web page finish it and figure how to promote it. Wednesday Thursday, Friday, it's my house- painting- up dating- cleaning out- and pairing down. THAT'S A PLAN, I am feeling better already.

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