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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Neglected Ottoman

This is my favorite ottoman - Lee Industries uses antique rugs on a selection of frames based on the rug sizes. They add color texture style to a room. Plus they are great to pile books on add a tray for drinks or just put your feet up.

Nail heads add ethnic intrigue to the Michael Berman Tangier Ottoman.
Another great antique rug ottoman from Lee
I use these leather ottomans on casters often as they can be pulled up to any seat in the room.
Great for family rooms with the soft corners.
Perfect Lee bench for the foot of a bed.
Home office in a ottoman!
With the right accent fabric this can add a punch to a room.
The bongo style ottoman, I love using two of these in front of a fireplace. Extra seating , Extra punch.
This Lee wedge times 4 offers a large round ottoman and can be pulled up to 4 chairs.
The right bench from Lee , comes in a single also and can be ordered with a antique rug top.
I have wanted this slip covered for my living room for ever.

Burlap coffee sack, very cute.

Taller bongos for bar seating.

Is that a ottoman on a ottoman.
Extra seating.

When I am designing a room I usually wait till last to use an ottoman-oh yea, lets fill this corner- there is space at the end of the bed lets use an ottoman or two- I'll plop two in front of the fireplace for extra seating. While all this is true and useful, I am ignoring how much style and purpose they bring to a room. The right ottoman placed in front of a sofa can change a stuffy living room into a cozy place to put up your feet. They can become extra seating in a family room, ready to be pulled up to the coffee table for games. A couple of fabric cubes are a great back rest for movie watching. They are perfect for creating an extra table, just add a tray. They also add pattern, texture, and can create a look in a room. So hurray for the ottoman I am giving credit where credit is do.

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