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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Great Birthday !

My present - It's little and red and I can blog anywhere!

Steven trying to capture my cake?
The Reed's with B.C.
Love to see the cousins together.
The Reed crew, how cute are these kids.

Gram mom Dotty with Katelyn
Even Michael was there.

My nephew and his family from St. Louis were visiting in the area this week. Wednesday was the best day for B.C. to take his boys fishing, " my birthday???? O.K. I said I'll cook dinner for everyone. Next My sister wanted to come to see Steven and Katie, then her daughter and new baby Katelyn. So the party began, and what a party it was. It's up there with my best birthdays, so nice to see family and enjoy their little kids. It's also nice to see cousins and second cousins reconnect. We need to do this more often. My favorite quote from Charlie ( Steven and Katie's younger son) "Is Aunt Mikie the Aunt with dark hair and Facebook's?" love how they remember me.

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