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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fishy News

I saw this blog on Dwellers Without Decorators. I was amused, because with a son who is a marine Biologist I have often cared for up to four tanks in his room. The cost almost equalled that of his sister having a horse. The care is definitely equal. I can remember fretting when the fish got sick, starting sick tanks ( this meant buying new tanks, pumps, heaters, stones, filters, etc., etc.. When He was away at college the responsibility was all mine. Weekly water changes, cleanings, feeding. Then he went to the Caymans to live. When he left for Costa Rica I found a home for the fish and emptied the tank. I felt relieved free, than I visited a customer, and in her kitchen was the most beautiful tank I have ever seen. Of course her tank had automatic valves to change and filter the water through a tank in her basement. But I could mimic that I thought. Then a visit to a fellow decorators for drinks- another magnificent tank. But again they had a service come every other week to care for it. I can fit it in I thought. I WANT A TANK NOW!!!!!!! Might have to give up the blog.

Six Figure Fish Tanks

Credit: Matthew Williams for The New York Times

NY Times Credit: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

Via Fresh Home

Via Fresh Home

This morning's NY Times The sink from

NY Times The labyrinth from
NEVER! VIa The Telegraph
16 comm

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