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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now Who is Teaching Who ?

My Marketing and Social Networking crew.

Introducing my new Web Site

I love my children, just when I feel tired or board or like retiring they shove me on. About a year ago Christine said; I am making you a face book page. O.K. I said ( you never tell Christine no) and I started face booking. Please remember that at this point I was lucky I knew how to check my emails. O.M.G. I loved it. Now I could check on Michael who was living in the Caymans, I could connect with old friends and just keep tabs on people. Next, last March Christine told me I need to blog. I am tired of listening about your business Christine stated, you need to write it down. But I don't have time and I can't write I wined. Next thing I knew I was writing a blog . Not only has it taken me really far in becoming tech savvy, but is such a creative outlet. I have to admit she was right and I enjoy every minute. Well now Michael is home and a new web sight is born along with a new business venture. " Design on Line " where any one can have Painted River Studio plan a room for them right at their computer. I am even hooked up to pay pal so with one click you pay for my services. Michael you out did yourself. My new logo ( created by Michael) is BEYOND CREATIVE, and my web site is very user friendly. Now they are collaborating on promoting all of this. I even have a twitter account. I will never get old with these two pushing me, what was the song from Bryan Adams " Eighteen Till I Die". Thanks Christine and Mike


  1. We love love love your new website! Michael did an awesome job with the design. With our 100 year old new house we will need all the advice we can get. We only have one question. Are there family discounts?

  2. Always, especially for those dealing with twins and a toddler. Love Aunt Mikie


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