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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trends Leading Me Astray

A neutral sofa but then a chartreuse rug, and the pillow colors!!!

Color does make me happy. The white walls create a great contrast for the bright colors.
More of a muted feel but still strong.

Just a little bit or orange keeps this fireplace from boredom.

Check out the shine on these walls.
When I lived in Maryland my living room ceiling was in High gloss Linen white, the room seemed to shimmer. Remember if you use gloss paint, use a really good painter,and be sure your walls are in good shape.

I have been planing to redo my living room for some time now. You would think that being a designer my house would scream DECORATED, but not really. I have a hard time making decisions for myself. So just when I decided that my living room needed to be in neutrals with a quiet feel, House Beautiful September issue read- COLOR 100 ways to color your world. I know that I thought,I always loved what color can do for a space. I am an artist and I understand color. Why wasn't I using it ? Now, my room fell into place and the decisions were easy. Although I love neutrals and the linen look , I am a red kind of girl. This room is going to sing! Another thing I will not hide, I love shine, high gloss paint can make a space shimmer or feel happy. On many jobs a favorite trick is to use high gloss Linen White on all the trim. It riches up any room. So I am on a roll and promise before pictures, a design board and then results of my living room. I also promise to read the trends and take notice but remain faithful to who I am. It is much easier.

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