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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Designs at Target

All the items in this line are under $25.00. I am hoping there are lots of storage options in the blk. /wht. butterflies.

Great for jewelry, desk drawers, hair accessories, sewing notions, junk drawers, etc. etc. I would be neater if I had these.
I am thinking I to use these in my closet, also for samples in the studio.
If I had notebooks like this I will write very neatly, never scratch out or rip pages.( I hate Christine her notebooks could be published. )

My inspiration box.

This serving tray $12.99
Small sq. flatware tray $1.99 Yes $1.99.
Every year my neighbors and I do a pumpkin festival, it's my favorite party to decorate for. This year I am changing it to an apple theme. Salad plates $1.99 each

Want to do a kitchen around this print.

I am excited- On September 5th, Target introduces a new line of home decor products from John Derian. Designer /artist John Derian is known for his artisan decoupage techniques. He has two boutiques in NYC, and his products are sold in select stores across the country. Now we can afford his whimsical natured inspired designs at Target. I love the affordability of the home entertainment pieces. I always set a pretty table, but hate to repeat my look. At these prices I can have a different theme each time. I also think my studio needs uplifting, ( remember when I was going to totally redecorate my studio, never happened yet) the black and cream storage pieces might just do the trick.

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