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Monday, August 9, 2010

Loving Anthropology

I think I must stop at Anthropology tomorrow, Joanne NEEDS these knobs. Right Joanne?

Just look at what is coming for fall! Love that pumpkin jacket, and I must have a floral print dress to layer with a bulky sweater cardigan.
Below a few items on my wish list.

River Bow Necklace $38.00
Champagne Bubble Earrings $198.00 ( figure I saved on the necklace)
I am losing 10 lbs. and buying the British Poise Cincher $48.00
This is for over my floral print dress Wardrobe Staple Cardigan $98.00
The Frill Force Jacket, I am praying for cool weather. $188.00
Really cute tights $18.00
O.K I have a pair of pants from 2 years ago that these are perfect for, Just being practical. $198.00
With my floral dress and cardigan? $298.00 Well maybe I'll wait till these go on sale.
Not sure why, just have to have these $$198.00 ( and I hope B.C. does not read this blog, kinda hard to pass these shoes off as a Marshalls buy)

Keith Johnson of Anthropologie Shares His Shopping Secrets

The professional antiques buyer and star of Man Shops Globe reveals what he loves (and loathes) and how to find a good deal

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man-shops-globe-<span class=keith-johnson-half.jpg" title="man-shops-globe-keith-johnson-half.jpg" width="319">

Talk about a cool job title. As head antiques buyer for the delightfully eccentric chain Anthropologie, Keith Johnson travels the world buying beautiful objects to stock and furnish the shops. For the past few months these expeditions—to Scotland, Syria, Thailand, and beyond—have been turned into Man Shops Globe, airing Wednesdays at 10 P.M. on the Sundance Channel. We caught up with the itinerant stylesetter to ask him a few pressing questions about one of our favorite topics: shopping, of course!

What’s the one object you regret having passed up?

I’m normally very confident I can get the best deal, but one day I went into a warehouse in the South of France; they had these enormous mirrors from a patisserie. One was 25 feet long—it was the most spectacular thing. It didn’t immediately occur to me which store I could put it in, but I thought, I’m fine, there’s no rush. So I sent photos to our architects and learned the mirrors would be perfect for the store opening in Rockefeller Center [in New York City]. It wasn’t a day later that I called and the vendor said that five minutes after I left someone bought all of the mirrors. You do take your chances.

What collectible do you never want to see again?

I’m really over things painted white. If it’s an original finish, then fine. Every antique dealer in the world thinks that all you need to do is paint it white and it will be great.

Weirdest thing you ever brought home on a plane?

Hmm. Of course, no one is allowed to bring anything weird back on an airplane anymore—so I think I have to pass on that one.

What’s a good value these days?

It’s hard to find a bargain anymore because in this world everything sells—unless it’s butt ugly. So you really need to be open to quirky, very personal objects if you want to get things that are not expensive. Concentrate on finding things you think are truly beautiful—things you respond to.

What can’t you resist?

I love anything mechanical, like old drafting tables. Whenever a drafting table has something exotic about it or has a crazy mechanism, I can’t resist. They’re at once industrial- and contemporary-looking—and all the gears! They bring out the little boy in me.

—Interview by Vicky Lowry

But wait, there's more ...

Want to see how Keith Johnson furnishes his own homes? Click here to see his eclectic New York City apartment.

We all know I am in awe of Anthropology, both there clothes and home goods. Here is an article from Ell Design on Keith Johnson-the man- who buys all the antiques they use. NOW there is a show about his travels on Sunday nights on the Sundance channel ( not sure what that is, I really don't watch TV except Grey's Anatomy) but I'll find out. There decor and displays blow me away every time I enter. Is he responsible for that too? Christine and I always do a fall shopping day in September, I think Anthropology is first on my stops. Maybe I have a few customers who need knobs or something so I may have to stop this week. At least to just be inspired.

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  1. Why weren't you this stylish when I lived at home? I could have borrowed :) Can't wait until our fall shopping spree (start getting your CC balance down now)


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