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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Withdrawal

Maybe it's the heat, or just withdrawal from missing Monhegan Island, but I need a peaceful environment right now. My house feels cluttered and over decorated. Every cabinet I open is a mess. I cleaned the studio supply closet out Saturday but I think I put everything back. Editing my home is not something I am good at. I try and emulate my daughter-If she doesn't need it out it goes. I think maybe I may want to do a jungle theme dinner and the leopard table cloth will work. ( never in 33 years of marriage have I entertained in the Tarzan and Jane style) Or how about my beloved books, my mothers cut glass, the heart shaped cake pan , ( but that is a memory, my first married Valentine's I made a jello mold in it, B.C. and I had a tiff and he ate some before I un-molded it.) I hated him that day. So how do you part with pieces of your life. I guess, I will have to satisfied myself with drooling over James Huniford's beach house project. But I do wonder what his own place looks like?

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