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Monday, June 7, 2010

Architectural Digest - Rooms to Inspire

Both these rooms are from the July issue. The one below is a home in Virginia done by designer Thomas Pheasant. Always a fan of his work. It is amazing how he pulls off such a classic look with a contemporary feel.
A favorite foyer of mine. Notice how only the accessories have color but it feels alive.

I am still always drawn to color, maybe that's the artist in me.
This room makes me want to paint my walls white and collect country primitive art.
Not sure I could live here but such glamor! But a room in a monochromatic color scheme with a touch of Lucite would give the same feel.
Silk drapes always a luxury, Whenever I see a room with bare windows ( and I like bare windows ) I imagine the space with window treatments, they do complete a space. Imagine this room without.
And the view goes on.

Paige Rense Noland editor in chief of Architectural Digest Magazine will be retiring the end of August. Ms. Rense Noland is 81 and has been editor of the Magazine since 1975. She is credited with growing the Magazines circulation to more than 850,000.
I have a love hate relationship with this magazine. Sometimes savoring an issue other times wondering why I subscribe. When I heard the news I admit I felt it was time for a change. The past few issues left me uninspired. Then I received the July issue Friday, and page after page started my creative juices flowing. So good luck to Ms. Rense Noland, she will be missed for the legendary magazine she created.

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