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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pillows From Nature

Eucalyptus on blue

Baby's Breath on red ( my fav)
Ostrich Feather on Koal
Elephant Ear on Dk. Brown

I saw these simple luxurious pillows from at Market. Everything at the Aviva Stanoff Design Studio is made to order by hand. The velvet pillows are hand dyed and real objects are pressed into the fabric. The silks are dyed in small batches , etched and painted one at a time. No two pillows are alike. When you touch them you feel how each is engraved deeply with such exquisite detail as in nature. Things from nature have a quiet undeclared beauty waiting to be discovered. If we are in too big of a hurry, we might just miss it. Aviva captures these joyous imperfections in her pillows.
Contact us at Paintedriverartist@gmail for pricing if you are interested.

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