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Monday, June 14, 2010

Windsong on Wesley Part 2

My son Mike and B.C. (is he the only one drinking? ) and their fishing buddies at yet another Friday night event.
Here I am entering the show house Friday. ( I am cutting out the snacks and evening wine now !)
The owner of this fantastic house Robert, who is just throwing his hands up.
My space, is that an attic?
Are we in the attic ?

I am loving this cut out, Whats it for?
No the walls will not be pink.
The basement, and this will be full living spaces. Soon I hope.
The living room ,I think something is going above the fireplace.
The outside is looking good.

Friday evening on our way to yet another, Ocean City Marlin Tuna club event, we stopped at the show house. I am not sure what to say except- ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT-. I am usually the calm one stating "stop you guys," we say this every year, and we always make the opening. But I am having a small bit of doubt. City inspections are slowing things down and the owners hands are tied. The place is ripped and designers are not working ( or can't work ) in their spaces yet. Three weeks and counting to press week. But if I know the this group of people working on this show house we will all be posing in our beautiful, completed, rooms smiling for the cameras on July 5Th.

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