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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's for Dinner

I am not being lazy writing blogs it's just that Michael is home. He is so enjoying any food I make so I have been planning menus instead . Costa Rica food stores do not have a great selection of things to choose from. Most food is local and you had better like rice and beans. Compounded with the fact that his propane tank ran out and he was to cheap to fill it, so he ate microwaved eggs and beans the last week. But beans are protein and there were fruit trees all around his house so he looks really healthy. Anyway here was last nights Rib recipe that was a real hit, probably the best I ever made.

Pork ribs- coat with McCormics pork rub dry spice mix ( I was going to make my own ) bake for 2 hrs. on 275 on a baking sheet. Slather on Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce ( I was going to make my own ) and grill till caramelized about 10 min. Now that was easy.

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