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Friday, June 4, 2010

Michael is Coming Home

Yes that is Mike on that huge wave. It's a good thing I can't watch him.

Rain season in Costa Rica.
Mike's back yard in Costa.

He does like to relax.
Mike and B.C. with there catch.
A little stingray for lunch?

I promise this is the last personal blog, then we will get back to home decor. I had to write about this special homecoming. You have heard very little about my 24 year old son Michael because he is always somewhere in the world,on a beach. He has a degree in Marine Biology and is an incredible photographer. Michael has lived in Bermuda, Hawaii, Grand Cayman Island and most recently Costa Rica. As he puts it he is " living life". He has been gone almost a year this time and we have not seen him since Christmas. He will get in tonight and I am sure he will be with us for at least the summer,than who knows. We should all take a page from Michael's book, actually I want to be Michael.

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