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Friday, June 25, 2010

Windsong on Wesley Part 3

All the work that has to be done and B.C. and Kenny (Kenny is our wonderful contractor who is making this room happen) are goofing around. What is in that attic?
Not sure why Kenny is smiling?

I am loving the wood walls. Kenny thinks I should leave them just washed, I want to paint them white. Too many decisions and I am always second guessing my choices. I was going with Jute rugs till I saw yesterday a beautiful blue and white hooked rug. Should I change?
This is the Master suite being done by John Kelly. Every one loves John's work, he has been a part of this show house for many years.
Hall Bath
Someone ( Mary of Daroo Designs) has been making the dining room ceiling very pretty.
Living room into dinning
The kitchen is looking better.
Loving the floor in the kitchen.
Glad this is not my room.
Glad this is not my room.
It is in the high 90's and they were still working on the roof. I cannot imagine how hot it was up there.
Or here

It has been a loooooong week. Starting with a 200 lb. sleeper sofa that would not make the turn on a staircase. Yes as a designer I should check that, but it was only 84 inches long and we all ready got a sectional up those stairs. B.C. was my hero and had them hoist it up and over three ( yes 3) stories onto a balcony and in. Thank God I wasn't there I get really nervous on moments like that. I was home trying to decide where I could put the sleeper. Next problem : two "swivel" chairs were delivered and the customer called to say they don't turn. No problem I said just have the delivery men cut the straps off underneath. But they have legs said my customer, oh no!!!! Does any one out there need two very cute black and tan check chairs that have legs-cheap. Then the show house , It's a mess I have no idea how we are going to finish. It's looking good, but where were the designers yesterday? Usually at this point we are spending all waking moments there. Well I for one have faith. There is such a professional group of designers and R.N.S. Ladies running this show, I think you can feel safe to buy your ticket in advance for the Gala Event on the 10th. But finished for the thank you lunch on the 30th not betting that.

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