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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The English Have it Right

I was in CVS picking up my stock of faux tanner and I glanced at the counter magazine rack. Headlines read: What's in What's Out - Sexy Look Dos and Don'ts - Color Forecast for Summer _ 25 Quick Fixes for Every Room - Big Advice for Decorating and on and on and on. Made me think, what happened to being comfortable in your own skin, not following trends, putting your own spin on a room. If we listen to all this advice our homes should be redone every year. I agree a home should evolve, but what about timeless design. I think one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to be obsessed with perfection. I drove home pondering how I or all of us could get caught up in " whats in style" Picked up my mail and there it was, my second issue of The English Home. The English get it. The homes shown while beautiful, were far from perfect. You see few trendy items but they were very stylish. The sofas can be a bit worn, dishes and cups that don't match,furniture both new and old, just a look that has grown over time. A quote that caught my eye reads "Masterpieces cannot be completed in a day',the owners home in Cotswold has taken 17 years to perfect. ( and I want everything yesterday) With classic design a room that was decorated 17 years ago will look good today and 17 years from now. ( with maybe just a little fluffing)

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