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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lonny Magazine Issue 5

I don't have to say these are Bunny's rooms, imagine she had that screen just laying around waiting for a home. She used lots of sisal rugs (the color of sand) and slipcovers throughout.
I want this chair. The contrast of white on the brown is !!!!!!!!
Lee uses lots of texture in her rooms, a favorite is painted woven materials.
I think the simple nursery's are top on my list.
In Christine's second apartment we striped her living room walls like this. Would have been a great idea for this years show house ( too late)

This is a shot of Lee's personal condo.
Always the contrast.

It's here - issue 5 of Lonny Magazine, and they did it again. What a fun, idea packed, mesmerizing, inspiring , magazine. I want to scourer each page over and over. We all know Bunny Williams is my idol, and she proved it again with her amazing island condo. This home was relaxed, classic and comfortable in the (always been here I'm not decorated ) style Bunny is famous for. But wait another designer caught my attention even more. Atlanta's Lee Kleinhelter owner of Home-Goods store which refurbishes vintage furniture. Lonny shows one of Lee's projects, plus her own condo. Really remarkable use of color for drama, and cost effective DYI ideas. I loved every room. For the rest of the amazing spaces shown you will just have to go to Happy reading

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