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Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's 1979 " PARTY "

Our host Mark, having a costume malfunction.

Kim, me, and Debbie's daughter Lila

B.C. ( I promise you he doesn't always have a drink in his hand) and Kim, a client/dear friend who lives in L.A. and here, and everywhere.
B.C. and Kim seeing who's heels are higher.
He's here!
The Happy Birthday boy.
I think I remember him from 79.
The food was great.
Mark, you have such good taste in picking shoes for Mitch- now buy him pants!
Mark and Mitch - Are we glade for your sake its 2010
Oh No !!!!!! Is it ????? Get ready girls.........
YES ! Y M C A-------Y M C A
And the party went on...............

Mitch turned the BIG _ _ , yes a half of century. You remember the home of Mark and Mitch ( We Like a Challenge blog) They are our clients, but most of all, our dear friends. The party given by Mark and hosted in the home of Debbie another client/dear friend ( Remarkable Renovations) was a 1979 theme, Mitch's favorite year. I will let the pictures speak for me. We love you Mitch HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and Mark you throw one hell of a party. I thought I was back at Studio 54.

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