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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tuna for Dinner

That's Tommy G Michael's long time fishing friend. The stories those two tell !!!!!

The crew and there catch, have you ever seen B.C. so happy?
What a great day to see all this precious wildlife, makes me sad about the gulf right now.

Yep, that's a wales tale.

and there's the wale.

My creative son's view of Atlantic City at 3 AM from a moving boat.

For what these rods cost I could redecorate my living room.

The fishing trip was a success. Two 50 pound yellow fin tuna made it into the boat. They will go on till the next trip about the ones that got away. You should have used this rig, why did you have the line so tight, Jesus Christ who uses a gaff like that..... and on and on. This trip was for fun I can't imagine what it's like when they are in a tournament and money is at stake. But all this gives the Tiki Bar fuel for discussions. Most exciting to me was the 200 plus dolphin and wales they saw. Thank God Michael was there and got some great shots . I guess tuna is running about $149.00 a pound this year, and it sure was a good dinner.

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  1. what do they do with the tuna? are they able to sell it or do they divide it up and eat it for weeks...?


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