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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Working the Show House

Its a hot one out there, but I'm in my cool studio working on a enormous painting for the show house. B.C. and Michael left at 2:A.M. for tuna fishing. They go some ridiculous distance out in the ocean ( like 80 miles) to fish. The places actually have names like the Baltimore Canyon, or the Elephant trunk, and they prepare for days ( or at least that's what they say, I think the Tiki Bar is in there somewhere). Between the gas, the bait, expensive rods and reels, lunch, beer,- tuna ran me about $169.00 a pound last summer. But it is good on the grill, and they have a lot of fun, and it is quiet here . Painting , with my music on and no one to bother me is heaven. So here is to tuna fishing and a great weekend to you all.

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