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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Perfect Porches

This is my porch,O.K. I would really like to change the ice tea to a white wine.

I like the outdoor clock, we have a source that makes them. Great additions to any porch or garden. I don't care how many plants you have. put them in clay pots , grouped and it works.
Forget paper plates and bring out the china and linens.
I love the drapes just what I want.
Don't you wonder what they are looking at.
Great industrial look table and tractor stools, and who doesn't like red.
I would never go inside. I dream of putting lamps and accessories on my porch. How about the layering of rugs.
I could paint my floor, I do that.
Please let him in.
So maybe just a shiny finish on my old trek floor.

Come sit with me out on the porch in early morn,
And watch a new day struggle to be born.
A tinge of orange upon horizon's breast
And stars now tired--flicker low and rest.

Look through dark leaves to lighter skies in space,
At patterns that resemble finest lace.
So quiet hear the beating of our hearts
As slowly day arrives--and night departs.

The moon now pale high in the sky,
Watch morning birds as they begin to fly.
Tranquility abounds, air crystal clear,
A moment stopped in time, devoid of fear.

To feel the warmth of rising sun,
Another day for us begun.
Reach out your hand for me to hold.
Together, watch this day unfold.

--Written by Patrick Joseph Hubauer

My porch is my favorite room in the house. I have my morning coffee there, entertain on Friday evenings and read a good book when I can squeeze in time. I would love to furnish it like an interior room, but the winds ripping down the river squash that idea. I may introduce drapes in a sunbrella fabric on the back side, and we plan on installing railings soon. But for now, I think I will just sit , enjoy the view, and look at other porches.

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