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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I know it received bad reviews but I still found it entertaining. It was fun, had all the fashion, ( some we would never wear I hope) and it was still a girls flick. If I took away any thing it was how important the support of our lady friends is. It can be Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, Neighbors. Other girls accept us for what we are not who they think we should be. Get your Girl Friends together have a few glasses of wine or a Cosmo and go see it. I will probably go again, my friends are mad I saw it with Christine.

Christine and I were pondering what trends will come of this movie.

#1 Black Diamonds ( I'm not like other girls either, B.C.) ( It worked on Mothers day!)
#2 Longer hemlines, including trailing and trains- I loved the vintage gown Carrie lounged in around the apt. it just crinkled at her feet.
#3 Slouchy tops already in but this should push it over the top.
#4 Large scale wallpaper, again in style now just confirming it.
#5 Trips to the Middle East?
#6 Ann Sacks tile, It was fabulous in Big's kitchen.
#7 Older women ( I hate that title) ( yes over 50) dressing young- with confidence and pulling it
#8 Moroccan style influence in home fashion ( I don't mind dining on pillows) and clothing.
#9 White sedans
#10 Having Girlfriends who love you for what you are.

Trends I hope we don't see from this movie

#1 Silver spikes coming out of shoulder pads.
#2 Big,really big hats.
#3 Spiked heels when riding a camel.
#4 Lunching in the desert, in full dress, with hot flashes.
#5 Kissing other men when you are married.
#6 Marriages that except cheating.
#7 Going bra less in a tee.
#8 TVs inside drop front desk, aren't they for writing?
#9 Never cooking in.
#10 Expecting friends to accept really bad behavior .

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