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Monday, June 28, 2010

She Sells Sea Shells

I just have to have a wooden bowl filled with shells in my bath.

This little child's slag glass cabinet is filled with my favorites and on display all year.
Bowls from Michael's travels, with my Mom and Dad watching over.
The next five items are from Currey and Company, they also have shell chandeliers and sconces.

Check out the chair rail of shells. What a beach house rainy day project.

I have always wanted to cover a fireplace surround with shells

Hate the tile ,love the shells

When it is this hot,and I am working with the beach in view I can't help but think of my favorite accessories. Decorating with shells is pure summer . I have a shell collection that is displayed in my bath year around, but when the temp goes up, out come the bowls of beautiful shells. I fill cut glass dishes with shells from all the places Michael's been. I have filled a antique bird cage with them, hung them in place of prisms on a chandelier, surrounded a candle. Summers at the beach when the kids were little were spent walking the beaches with are heads down. We would line up our prizes on the kitchen window sill, building on the collection all summer. Some shells would be transferred to Christine's business venture, while Michael preferred to sell one blue claw crab at a time in a zip lock bag. Some day, just for the sake of memories, I am going to own the most beautiful piece of shell furniture, but for now the bowls will have to do.

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