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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Dream House

I am inviting all you hard working women for a BBQ at my outdoor kitchen ( Yes it has one )

I love the living area but I need to replace the glass art on staircase with one of my paintings. I also think the coffee table should have an industrial feel, for me. ( I think there is the perfect one in my sister's shop)
I am loving the circles on the table, kind of funky.
Not sure about the bar stools. But I will probably keep them for now. Budgets you know.
Red is my favorite color, so I am keeping the counters.
I always recycle, so this basket system is perfect.
I need a studio , so the desk may have to go. I am imagining the view is incredible so I am excited to paint here.
Love the outside.
I have always wanted a red washer and dryer.
Good with the bedroom. Not spending much time here.

I was reading the blog of ::Surroundings:: and she was showing my dream house !!! It is HGTV'S Green house give away, but I am winning it. I have already decorated it. Not that Linda Woodrum from Hilton Head did not do a good job . Her design was fabulous, she has decorated HGTV'S houses for the last 15 years. She should be proud of a job really well done. It's just that as a decorator I have a few of my own ideas. I need to personalize it. The house is small 2100 sq. feet. with only two bedrooms. The perfect size for a get away. I must remind you that when ( not if ) I win this house, all you women who need a week or month away can come here. When your kids are beyond handling and your husband is a pain in the a__ we will set up a visit to the healing Green House. So please all start the SECRET and visualize us there. I am sure we all have the same problems in common and need to get away at times. But I have to tell you now that Dotty ( my sister ) and I have the first two weeks.

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